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Welcome to the Monarch Buying Experience

Congratulations, you are buying your next home!  Team Monarch is here to expertly guide you along each and every step from the search to having keys in hand!  With an exceptional road map, outlined below, we are here to help you find your home. Our continued success is a direct result of our commitment to the details and the true gift of home/buyer matchmaking.

Are you ready?  Let’s get started!

Laura Doughty & Team Monarch

Laura Doughty, Broker
Buyers Guide

Let's Find Your Home!

Excited to have this opportunity to work with you!  We've put this video series together for you to share our process buying and selling with Team Monarch.

Below are links for your review of sample agreements that will be a part of your transaction, along with my curated list of vendors that I trust and use daily.

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Sample Buyers Rep Agreement
Sample Purchase Agreement
List of Lenders

Buyer Questionnaire

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Time to discover the perfect property to call your next home!


We're opening the door to closing on your home.  Be in the know of what the steps are to getting you to your day of closing.


We did it!  Now what?

Team Monarch

Karly Ekman

Karly Ekman

Estates Director

Ola Daniel

Ola Daniel

Estates Director

Nicole Blumeyer

Nicole Blumeyer

Team Lead - Orange Co


Time to Prepare For Previewing Property

See your potential dream home in person!  We reach out to listing agents and secure private appointments for you to tour properties of interest.  With our extensive network we are also able to present off-market, exclusive and coming soon homes!

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Congratulations!  Escrow is Opened!

Your offer has been accepted (did we mention how skilled we are at presenting and getting offers accepted?)! During this crucial and exciting time we make sure all of  the contract dates/timelines for inspections and contingency removals are adhered to. We also aid you in the inspection process and provide ample resources so you truly feel informed. We'll make sure everything is on track!

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Contingency Breakdown!

Contingencies are a buyer's protection against losing your earnest money deposit (usually required to open escrow).  Common contingencies are; appraisal, inspection, financing and home sale.  We are keenly aware of how important it is to remove contingencies in a timely manner while always operating within the contract and timelines.  

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Time for Inspections

As a reminder, you've signed an "As Is" contract, but don't worry, we will make sure this property is safe and ready for you and your family to home.  We also offer a multitude of resources during this process.  See our List of Inspectors below!

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List of Inspectors
Inspection Prep - PLEASE Review

We've Made It!!

All contingencies have been removed. We are still here to help you!  Whether you need assistance with mover or utilities, we’ve got you covered!

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List of Movers

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