7 New Food and Drink Launches We Love

7 New Food and Drink Launches We Love

Jul 26, 2023

This month, we looked at the hottest new launches in food and drink. From rosé-inspired spirits perfect for summer to the latest cook-at-home Dishoom box, read on to find out what we’re loving this month. 

rozel - dishoom box


Tired of your usual vodka lime and soda combo? Haven’t found a new rosé to sip this summer? We’ve found the ultimate spirit that combines the fruity flavours of rosé and adds vodka into the mix. 

Rozél is one of the UK’s first rosé vodkas and is inspired by late lunch serves and balmy evenings in Provence. Its flavour is as delicate as its blush pink colour. Expect notes of raspberry, white peach and pink grapefruit to greet you with every sip. 

Enjoy with Fever-Tree’s Raspberry and Rose Lemonade or add more floral tones and serve with elderflower cordial and soda for an easy spritz-style serve.

Dishoom Summer Barbecue Box 

Following the success of their legendary naan roll takeaway option, the latest arrival in the Dishoom box collection is the summer BBQ special. The popular Indian joint will be serving up a barbecue option stacked with all of the meat you need for an Indian-style grilled feast. 

The box comes complete with ready-marinated four spicy lamb chops; murgh malai, mildly-spiced chicken thigh meat marinated in sweet vinegar, ginger, turmeric, garlic and green chili; and kebab masala, a house mix that can be used to finish kababs, veggies and meats. 

dishoom box

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora 

If you can’t make it over to Australia this year, enjoy the next best thing thanks to the UK launch of Brown Brothers’ Orange Muscat & Flora. This special blend uses two grape varieties that aren’t native or well-known to Australia and creates a uniquely sweet yet refreshing dessert wine. 

Now available at Tesco, this wine is packed with aromas of lemon, honey, spice and musk. A bottle of this is best enjoyed as an apéritif or post-dinner dessert wine, or as a base for a summer cocktail.



Born in Switzerland, Planted is a brand new plant-based meat changing the standard for veggie alternatives. It’s made using proteins from peas, sunflowers and oats. Unlike other meat substitutes, you’ll find no nasties or additives but instead, dietary fibres and essential amino acids to ensure high-quality protein. 

They offer some great plant-based meat options, including lemon and herb chicken bites perfect served over fluffy rice or in a salad; pulled BBQ that’s great stuffed inside a bun for a pulled-pork alternative; or, our favorite, the planted chicken skewers that you need to try charred over the grill.

planted - dishoom box

Flävar Strawberry & Lime Schnapps 

If you’re going to do a shot, you may as well make it one that’s to go down a little, er, easier… Making your drinking game life a whole lot more enjoyable is the Swedish independent drinks brand, Flävar. Made on the shores of Lake Boren, this schnapps is crafted with a smooth award-winning vodka. 

For the Wimbledon season, the brand has launched a fruity Strawberry & Lime flavour. Enjoy a chilled shot of this topped with squirty cream or mix it up with ice and lemonade for a new sweet twist on everyone’s favourite Wimbledon tipple.

Tingly Ted’s

It’s not unlike Ed Sheeran to take on a new foodie challenge and his latest entrance into the hot sauce market may just be his best yet. 

Mixed up by Ed and his alter ego Ted, this sauce was brought into this world thanks to Ed’s life-long obsession with ketchup and hot sauce. Fast forward to 2023 and fans can now get a taste for the spice life themselves. There are two spice levels to choose from, but Ed promises these are ‘spicy enough to tingle your tongue but not too spicy that you’ll reach out for milk’.

tingly teds

Gymkhana Fine Foods 

Michelin-starred sauces delivered straight to your door? Sign us up! The team behind Michelin-starred Gymkhana has launched Gymkhana Fine Foods, an online delivery service bringing you their spice mixes and sauces straight to your kitchen. 

You’ll be able to recreate all of your favourite signature Indian dishes with ease, from butter masala and rogan josh sauces to classic tandoori marinades and peanut and sesame chutneys.