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About Shelton Wilder

Shelton Wilder is a Top Luxury Real Estate Agent in the Los Angeles area and CEO of the Shelton Wilder Group. Due to her strong branding and successful business strategies, Shelton has become a 7-figure realtor in less than 4 years. Showcasing the "Wilder" ways of Real Estate, Shelton has filmed a pilot with HGTV and is in talks with producers about her own show! As a Shark Tank alum and serial entrepreneur, Shelton has gathered many successful strategies from building multiple businesses and creating a well-defined brand. Now, Shelton also offers a real estate course sharing her secrets including branding, social media, video marketing and pitching.

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Name: Shelton Wilder

Position: Luxury Realtor and CEO of the Shelton Wilder Group

Company: Shelton Wilder Group

Brokerage: Sotheby's

Website: www.sheltonwilder.com   

Instagram: @sheltonwilderestates

Headshot: Shelton Wilder

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