Are you tired of feeling lost in the sea of competition?

Do you struggle with marketing and operations and wish you had a trusted partner to help you stand out from the crowd?

Do you know how many real estate agents are in the US?

1.6 MILLION real estate agents in 2022 (NAR)

The number of real estate agents in the U.S. has been increasing since 2009, and today it’s at an all-time high.  

I love that the real estate industry is so massive. There's more opportunity out there than ever before, and I’m 100% convinced that sales is the best career in the world. 

How do you stand out in your market when there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of agents competing for the same local area?

What does that mean for YOU, as one of 1.6 million agents? 

I'll tell you one thing . . . It's NOT possible to stand out by using your brokers' branding!  And you don't have to stress about it, because YOU can stand out and rise to the top of the pile when you create a strong personal brand. You can shine in a sea of salespeople when you have a personal brand strategically designed to broadcast who you are and what you do everywhere you go, both online and offline.


You Are an Independent Contractor

While you are probably required by state laws to incorporate your brokers' information in marketing, that does not mean you cannot BE your own BRAND!

As Seen

Brand YOU is your One Stop Shop for everything you need to promote YOU!

Curated for YOU by Best Selling Author and Luxury Real Estate Broker, Laura Doughty, with over 20+ years of experience working with high net worth individuals, owning multiple 7-figure businesses, generating $1B in personal sales, managing over $6B and successfully coaching over 4,000 agents.

open up to the limitless possibilities of


What Is Brand YOU?

Regardless of where you hang your license YOU OWN YOUR BRAND, and equally important, YOUR CONTENT.

Brand YOU simplifies your life by allowing you ONE location for all your branding and customer connecting needs for your business.

  • A program that is customized to you and your business - no cookie cutter here!
  • Control and ownership over your content and data.

  •  A marketing platform that supports your brand and your business giving you autonomy.

BONUS:  You get your POWER back.  Your business becomes autonomous, allowing you to hang your license and make financial decisions without worrying about losing your data, leads, website, etc., etc.

Basic Branding Necessities

Website (one that you or your assistant can change and not wait for someone else to submit a "ticket" to complete)  If you already have one you love, then that's great!  We simply apply that time onto other areas.

Link in Bio page that can be updated as your business needs


Helping You STAND Out

Unlimited Landing Pages for:


Buyer and Seller pages

Giveaways and much more


Email Sequences

Forms - This function allows you to collect your clients very coveted email address and even phone number so you can stay connected with them, no matter who your broker is or if the FB/IG monopoly were to go away.

Podcasts - Ever thought about starting your own podcast?  That's right, you can have that included in this package as well!!

Yes, there's even more!

this is NOT a DIY program - this is Done-FOR-You

Brand YOU

Your All-in-One Marketing Platform

(watch video above for examples of items listed below)

Starter Package


This is a DIY package and for you if you only need minimal assistance.  Includes:

  • Kajabi set up
  • Client Email upload and tagged
  • Two 15-minute zoom consultations
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Basic Package


Most Popular

This is perfect for you if you only need basic set up.  Includes:

  • One Landing Page or Website set up
  • Newsletter set up
  • Link In Bio set up
  • Kajabi set up
  • Client Email upload and tagged
  • Two 15-minute zoom consultations.
This is it!

All-in-One Package


Best Value

YES!  You get all of this for LESS than the cost of a website!! 

With this package, the world will KNOW you have ARRIVED!!  Includes:

  • All services in Basic package
  • Plus Brand Development
    Website set up

    Newsletter set up
    Link In Bio set up
    Landing Pages set up (2 of your choice)

    Kajabi platform set up
    Client Email upload and tagged
  • PLUS 30-Day Game Plan: gives you a day-by-day guide of action steps to implement AND Ten Strategies to Grow Your Business in the Next 30 Days
Yes, I Need This!!!

Learn More About the Importance of Branding in these The eXperiment Podcast Episodes

"I have the pleasure of experiencing first-hand how Laura goes the extra mile. Not only is she one of my favorite real estate brokers, but I give her my stamp of approval when it comes to being a great speaker, coach, and all things real estate."

Barbara Corcoran
Real Estate Mogul, Business Consultant and ABC’s Emmy Winning TV Show, “Shark Tank” Investor

"Laura has made a massive impact on my business!! Literally from scratch, I now have a brand, a plan and more importantly, I've doubled my business!! LaLa is the BEST!!"

Elena Tarasova
Luxury Real Estate, Malibu

"I cannot say enough good things about this woman! Laura's sage advice and systems are transformative. I've had a good business for 4 years and along comes Laura and WOW, I go from being on a team to on my own and starting my own team! No amount of "Thank You's" are sufficient for what Laura has done and can do for you!"

Debbie Weiss
Los Angeles Real Estate

"This Brand YOU program was the catalyst for my business feeling like it's my own. In the first 30 days, I not only had other agents noticing, but my phone started ringing with clients excited to do more business! Don't walk - RUN and buy this! It will pay you back in spades!"

Jennifer Hawkins
Los Angeles Real Estate

"I consider myself a seasoned agent who's worked with top brokerages. I was skeptical that Laura could make an impact on my business, but I took a chance. Well, humble me this! Laura made more impact on my branding AND business in 30 days than all I had learned in 7 years of this business. Hands down - the BEST!"

Aneela Zaman
Real Estate Agent & Developer

"Working with Laura is transformational! She moves at the speed of lightning and gets it done. At the same time, she allows you the space and room to grow. Hands down, the best coach I've ever worked with!!"

Robert Hoke
Real Estate Investor/Broker

"I have worked with Laura for almost 7 years. She's exactly who she says she is and will do waaay more for your business than you can ever believe! More importantly, her branding road map is a big part of what has taken my business from $0 to over $100M!"

Shelton Wilder
Shelton Wilder Group, Los Angeles

"Laura has a vast knowledge of the real estate business and market. She is an amazing motivator and inspiring coach who can help any Realtor get to the next level achieving their goals and full potential. "

David Morris



This Brand YOU offer REQUIRES a purchase of Kajabi. You only need the "Basic" program under "Pricing" and you can choose month-to-month or save by paying the yearly price.

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From my heart . . .

I’m guessing you have an amazing sense of who you are and a growing sense of what you want. BUT, sometimes, the struggle is REAL and sometimes you really need a lifeline.  Real Estate can feel like a very lonely place sometimes, even though we work with people all day long.  And in the real estate world of "sharks" and "closers" - you're searching for a solution to STAND OUT!!

I admit it. I’m obsessed with helping real estate agents/entrepreneurs build their own personal brands. Personal branding has been the most impactful thing I’ve done for my career.

A personal brand is a complete package that represents you wherever you are. It includes your strengths, skills, successes, and accomplishments. And it’s not something you just throw out there into the universe and hope it sticks. It’s a living, ongoing entity that you create and nurture proactively.

Your personal brand is everywhere. It’s inside all your projects, everything you say and do, and how you show up online and offline. The good news is, it’s 100% under your control. YOU get to decide the impression you want to leave people with.

You want your personal branding to amplify who you are and what you do – and what makes you unique from any other agent. I know that sounds like a tall order. That’s why we’re going to start small with the very first step to creating a personal brand – creating a personal brand statement.

You understand that in order to truly shine, your inside attitudes and desires need to be in alignment with your outside actions. You’re hungry to find a way!

What you lack is the ease and simplicity of Brand YOU!  You need the freedom of time to focus on growing your business and not opening 10 different platforms to promote and market YOU.

I understand. So do 1,000's of others and that's why I created this program . . .

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